November 30- 15th Century

November 30- 15th Century - Found something of incredible...

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15th Centruy/1400's AD SHIP Yung-lo 1402-1424 AD Kow tow Cheng Ho 1405-1433 Dias 1487 Ferdinand and Isabella 1492 San Salvador Da Gama 1497-1499 European is blue chinese is black Yung-lo Took thrown in 1402 after winning civil war Wanted to conquer ambitiuous goals Wanted everyone to know China was greatest country on earth and history Wanted everyone to know that he was the most powerful ruler on earth and in history of the world Will be successful in these goals Builds a huge army (about 2 million soldiers) Sent out ambassadors all over east and central asia to invite to become the chinese tribute system Rulers would have to come and kow tow (head to floor) and want to be a part of china Expand by land and sea China became a great naval power during his reign for the first and only time in history Built greatest wooden navy world would ever see more then 300 ships 1495 sent out expeditions over much of known world 7 chinese expeditions, all led by Cheng Ho Wants to know if anyone can threaten China (no)
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Unformatted text preview: Found something of incredible significance In east africa they found an animal that resembled one in chinese mythology. legend was it would appear when heaven was happy. (a giraffe) Chinese decided they didn't want to do it anymore after they found the giraffe Voluntarily gave up naval supremecy and burned things or abandoned them Europe Portugal wanted to see if their was a way to sail around africa to get to the east 1487, Bartholomew Dias becomes the first European to sail around the tip of Africa. 1497- Vasca da Gama becomes the first European to sail around Africa, to India and back Other Europen countries wanted to get in on this action Ferdinand and Isabella (king and queen of spain) Columbus comes August 3, 1492 columbus sets sail October 12, 1492 columbus waids ashore on the island of san salvador total of four voyages south america, central america, cuba, san salvador dramtic turning point, columbus...
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