November 28- 14th century

November 28- 14th century - 14th Centruy/ 1300's AD MING...

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14th Centruy/ 1300's AD MING Mongols/ Yuan 1216-1368 AD Kubilai Khan 1264- 1294 Chu Yuan-chang 1328-1398 Kuo Tzu-hsing 1352-1355 Hung-wu 1368-1644 Ming 1368-1644 Chu Yun-wen 1398-1402 Chu Ti 1399 Yung-lo 1402-1424 Created most powerful country in the history of the world Mongols had conquered China would rule for next century and a half Kubilai Khan- huge fan of chineses civilization tried to rule like a chinese emperor not like a mongol khan Mongol dynasty is known as the yuan dynasty in China 1294 Kublai Khan dies Begins very bad period in Chinese history Rulers who succeeded him were incompetent and ineffective As time went on, the mongol government gradually lost control in China Mongol gov could no longer keep peace and order in the country Crime rate rises dramatically Anarachy ensues Population plummets Economy collapses China was also hit with numerous natural disasters took them as obvious signs that the mongol dynasty no longer had the favor of heaven Chu Yuan-Chang born into a very poor, peasant family in 1328. family lost their farm when he was very young
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November 28- 14th century - 14th Centruy/ 1300's AD MING...

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