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November 2- 11th century AD

November 2- 11th century AD - 11th Century 1000's AD...

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11th Century/ 1000's AD SELJUKS Manzikert 1071 AD Alexius I 1081-1118 Urban II 1088-1099 Cleremont 1095 1st Crusade 1096-1099 Abyssad's empire broke apart Charlemagne's empire broke apart Tang's empire broke apart Byzantine's grew stronger briefly in 800's and 900's but by 11th century they fell apart Seljuk Turks Barbarian tribe Very good at war Eventually defeated by Chinese after attacking for years Decide to migrate westwards Evntually end up in the middle east, modern Iraq Abyssads started to hire the turks to fight in their armies Turks are converted to Islam Become civilized to some extent Rise up in rebllion against the Abyssads Take over what is now Iraq Abyssads still remain the Califs, religious leaders Political and Military power was now in hands of the turks move west and attack the Byzantines 1071 AD Battle of Manzikert Turks vs Byzantines Byzantine army is defeated and Seljuk turks take over most of what is now Turkey Devastating defeat for byzantines, would never really recover Led to the crusades
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