October 29- 7th Century AD

October 29- 7th Century AD - 7th Century/ 600s AD ISLAM...

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7th Century/ 600s AD ISLAM Muhammad 570 - 632 AD Hejira 622 Islam/Muslim Shahada Allah Koran Caliph Omar I 634-644 JIhad Ali vs. Muawiya 656 - 661 Ummayyad 661 - 750 Shi'ite/Sunni Imam Mahdi Century of Islam Arabia populated by Arabs (semetic people, phoneticians, hebrews, related in terms of language) Never really unified until now People becoming more civilized and advanced Cities popping up all over Arabian peninsula Complex trade network had developed in Arabia and between Arabia and the outside world Muhammad Born around 570 AD in Mecca, modern Saudi Arabia Father died before he was born Mother died just after he was born Raised by an Uncle Uncle in the caravan business (owned lots of camels) This would have a huge impact on his life later Joined his uncle's business when he was old enough Traveled widely around Arabia and possibly beyond Arabia Came into contact with many peoples and cultures About 25 years old he married a rich widow Wealthy enough that Muhammad could quit the caravan business and able to retire at 25 Enjoyed leaving Mecca and going into the desert and meditate for days on end At about 40 years old, 610 AD, in the desert meditating as usual Visted by the angel Gabriel Told Muhammad he had been sent by the one God and he had been chosen to reveal a religion
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October 29- 7th Century AD - 7th Century/ 600s AD ISLAM...

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