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October 24- 5th Century

October 24- 5th Century - 5th Century 400's AD HUNS China...

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5th Century/ 400's AD HUNS China 91 AD Visigoths 376 Adrianople 378 Rome 410 Attila 433-453 Leo I 452 Romulus Augustulus 476 Gupta 480 Sassanian Persia 484 Huns originally were pastoralists Originated in East Asia 91 AD Chinese Government was able to decisively defeat the Huns in battle Led to the 1st division of the Hun tribe Southern Huns and Northern Huns Southern Huns were forceably moved inside China by the Chinese Chinese wanted to try and make the Huns more like them, become civilized Northern Huns flee west Huns would recover from defeat and live to cause many problems Southern Huns were to some extent civilized Never forgot they were a distinctive ethnic group and their warrior heritage Huns rose up against Chinese Government and overthrow it Led to anarchy and civil war because the Huns were not good at it Led to a long dark period in Chinese History Population plummets, economy falls apart, crime rate rises Northern Huns had been moving west Northern Hun tribe divided again
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