October 22- 4th Century AD

October 22- 4th Century AD - 4th Century 300's AD...

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4th Century/ 300's AD Christianity Diocletian 284-305 AD Constantine I 306-337 Maxentius Milvian Bridge 312 Milan Edict 313 Constantinople 330 Theodosius I 391 Diocletian Became Roman Emperor in 284 and was able to avoid being assasinated or killed in battle Ruled for 21 years and provided Rome with a period of peace and stability Retires in 305 AD Brief period of civil war followed Constantine I One of many Roman generals fighting to see who would rule Came down to Constantine and Maxentius 312 AD Constantine vs. Maxentius (Battle of the Milvian Bridge) Saw huge flaming cross saying "in this sign you will conquer" in the sky Visited by Jesus Christ in his tent Explains to Constatine all about the religion of Christianity His men should wear the cross and also Constantine because then they will win Constantine does exactly as he is instructed (banner, shields, carries it into battle) Constantine wins, Maxentius is killed, and now rules the Roman World 313 AD; passes the Edict of Milan (something issued by a king and automatically becomes a law)
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