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Matt Grein Kite Runner Paper University Life December 4 th 2007 In the novel “The Kite Runner” Amir goes through some stressful times in his life. Some of the stressful events are created by him; others are due to what is created by the outside world. These stress events can be compared to events that happen in a lifestyle change, such as a change to college. Dealing with the stress is the key to success though. I have had instances in my life where dealing with what has happened was just as important, if not more, as the event. Through the experiences a certain quote stuck with me; “It’s not what happens to you, it’s how you react to it.” Amir’s friendship with Hassan is like having a good friend from high school that you never talk to again because you were on opposite sides of something a situation. In this case the victim and the bystander. Being in a bystander spot, it is more usual to be accused of not being there for the person, but Hassan did not accuse of Amir of not being there. Hassan had more of a self-cleansing, let time heal everything approach to the problem, the only problem was that Amir was acting as if he was the victim. Amir would turn away from Hassan at every occurrence, making the situation complex and awkward for both of them.(Hosseini 88) Hassan’s moving away from Amir is comparable to going off to college. Leaving a place where no matter what is happening there is a bit of safety, to a place where the real world can change thoughts, beliefs and actions. You’ve separated from people you grew up with and moved on but still think of and wonder what
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they are up to, as was apparent in Amir since he was sharing his thoughts. It was also
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The Kite Runner - Matt Grein Kite Runner Paper University...

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