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demonstrative speech - Katie Bager CM 105 Public Speaking...

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Katie Bager CM 105 Public Speaking Speech #5 – Demonstration Topic : How to build a Snowman Time : 7 Minutes General Purpose : To demonstrate Specific Purpose : To demonstrate to my audience how to build a Snowman Thematic Statement: Building a Snowman is a fun activity friends and family can do all together in the snow. Enter away message text here. I. Introduction: a. Attention-getting Material- i. When you think of making a snowman, you have to make sure you have the best kind of snow. You’re probably thinking. ..snow is snow. But not necessarily. There is that snow, called powder snow that you see when you’re sitting inside on Christmas Eve, and you look outside and it’s just a pretty snow. Then there is ice, which is fun but can be dangerous. There is slush, which is gross to walk in, yucky to look at, and ruins girls’ uggs, and then there is “crud” snow, which is the kind of snow you need, packing snow.(Snowman) b. Preview of speech – i. In this speech I will tell you how and why it snows, the history of gloves and coal and how to make a snowman. ii. How - demonstrates the steps in creating the snowman c. Definition- i. Snowman ( ) n. A figure of a person made from packed snow, usually formed by piling large snowballs on top of each other. ( II. Ethos Establishing Material: a. The factual material for my speech comes from Snow with the URL of, and Snowman by Raymond Briggs.
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III. Body- a. Why and How it snows [it snows because] i. Snow begins in the atmosphere as water condenses into a tiny droplet. As more and more water vapor condenses onto its surface, the droplet grows. Cold air then freezes this water into an ice crystal. Which we all know is called a snowflake. Each ice crystal has a unique shape that depends on the surrounding air's
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demonstrative speech - Katie Bager CM 105 Public Speaking...

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