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History - World History The following questions are part of this assessment Question and answer order might be different than the order the student experienced as questions and answers can be randomized Answers in bold are the correct answers to the questions. Question: 1 Athenians in the Homeric Age 1: were monotheists 2: worshipped adapted versions of Phoenician deities 3: didn’t focus on morality so much as on avoiding their gods’ wrath 4: wrote many books about their religious beliefs Question: 2 Athens practiced 1: direct democracy 2: representative democracy 3: social democracy 4: capitalism Question: 3 True of False? "Innocent until proven guilty" is a basic legal principle inherited from Sparta. 1: True 2: False Question: 4 Ancient Greeks considered "tyrants" to be 1: cruel rulers that overthrew democratically elected officials and oppressed the people 2: rulers that seized power from nobles, ruled alone, and promised to bring peace and prosperity to the poor 3: representatives selected by the people to represent them at the Agora 4: elitists who claimed power through hereditary right Question: 5 In the classic dialogue The Republic , Plato wrote Unless either philosophers become kings in their countries or those who are now called kings and rulers come to be sufficiently inspired with a genuine desire for wisdom; unless, that is to say, political power and philosophy meet together...there can be no rest from troubles...for states or for all mankind.
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