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EASC-150 What type of theorist is Moulder known as? From his point of view, what factors were more crucial in the rapid industrialization of Japan? Frances Moulder is a “World Economy” theorist in the development of Japan. Outside factors are essential in her mind to Japan’s rapid industrialization. One particular event that sparked Japanese development as a result of external involvement was the overturning of Tokugawwarule – known as the Meiji Restoration. This new era pushed Japan into successful centralization by coupling the essential fiscal, legal, and military powers thus laying the groundwork for a successful national industrial policy. By having
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Unformatted text preview: a stable centralized government, Japan was able to implement policies that often benefited their own industries and citizens. Japan was incorporated, that is influenced, much later than China allowing for a much greater level of autonomy than the heavily Western influenced China. Western nations had already connected with many countries in Asia providing them with a steady supply of satellite resources and thus exempting the latecomer Japan and giving Japan much more opportunity to develop and become autonomous....
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