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April 2008 GEOG-100m Discussion Questions #9 1. How has the “phenomenon in agriculture – the increasing numbers of immigrant farmers, primarily Latino and Asian” paralleled other industries with high percentages of minorities? How are they different?’ (Gottlieb 292) 2. How do Latinoimmigrants represent and express their native cultures in Los Angeles? “Latino cultures manage to persist, to ward off what I thought would be the overwhelming influence of North American culture”. What does the statement say about the lives of immigrants and their connections to home? (Gottlieb, 298)
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Unformatted text preview: 3. How has the “political struggle to preserve the Santa Monicas” that has last nearly 30 years represent the conflict between developers and environmentalists? What other areas in Los Angeles have experienced similar tensions? (Fulton, 180) 4. How was VanderKolk’s mistake by going “dealmaker and became a cheerleader for the combined Ahmanson-Jordon project” illustrate some of the political challenges facing leaders in LA? (Fulton, 195)...
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