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GEOG100 - Disucussion Questions 6

GEOG100 - Disucussion Questions 6 - white flight from...

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March 2008 GEOG-100m Discussion Questions #6 1. How did Compton’s racial landscape change from the early 20 th century? Who and what constituted the “virtual phalanx against racial integration”? (585, Sides) What does the modern racial makeup of Compton look like today? Are there any trends of change? 2. Besides the Watt’s Riots, what caused the “stimulation of wholesale
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Unformatted text preview: white flight from Compton”? (591, Sides) 3. How does Latino progress in the Catholic Church illustrate racial connections and interactions between whites? How did they respond to the “laggard pace of Latino advancement in the Southwest”? (337, Davis)...
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