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GEOG-100gm Midterm Review Terms

GEOG-100gm Midterm Review Terms - police officers involved...

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Metropolitan Water District: A collection of 26 cities and water districts that indirectly provides water to 24 million. Created by an act of the California Legislature in 1928 to manage water from the Colorado River. Role in growth in California. Noncitizen residents: illegal immigrants Open shop: a place of employment where one is not required to join/financially support a labor union as a condition of hiring/continued employment. Early 1900’s LA viewed as an open shop region, LA Times (anti- union at the time) bombing shredded anti-labor movement. [Class Notes/Reluctant Metropolis] Owens Valley Aqueduct: LA water supply becomes stressed, Mulholland looks towards Owens Valley as a place to expand. Citizens close off and attack aqueduct in protest. Much of the land was obtained through “subterfuge, secret agents, and the intervention of President Theodore Roosevelt”. [Reluctant Metropolis] Parker Center: location of the headquarters of the LAPD, located in Downtown LA. It was one of the sites of the 1992 riots following acquittal of
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Unformatted text preview: police officers involved in Rodney King’s beating. Peripheral canal: a proposed project to direct water to the Imperial Valley. Environmentalists vs. MWD on issues of conservation and environmental impact of irragation. Peter Ueberroth: Organizer of the 1984 Olympics in LA, led the Rebuild Los Angeles project. Proposition 13: “Peoples Initiative to Limit Property Taxation”, ballot to amend the constitution. Red Cars: L.A.’s old transit system, using trolley cars and light rail. Illustrates life in LA before freeway system. River Madness: Montage of the portrayal of LA River in Hollywood films, demonstrated the rivers use as background and thematic elements. Often portrayed in a violent and dangerous light. (Gottlieb) RLA/Rebuild LA: Project headed by Ueberroth after the 1992 riots, created by Bradley Administration before the riots were even over. Created to stimulate growth through private investments in areas hit hardest. (Fulton) Sales Tax Canyon: ?...
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  • Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Metropolitan Water District, Owens Valley Aqueduct, LA water supply, Class Notes/Reluctant Metropolis

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GEOG-100gm Midterm Review Terms - police officers involved...

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