Robert Gottlieb - Guest Speaker

Robert Gottlieb - Guest Speaker - o Arroyofest:...

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Robert Gottlieb – Guest Speaker 04/02/2008 17:07:00 Urban Nature o LA is a place that “has no place” o Nature is a oxymoron in LA Water for the city: o From local to imported o Annexing to the city; annexing to the MWD o The syndicate: a water development complex o The river: channelizing the river and keeping people out Not really a river, just a barren waste o Cornfield and Not a Cornfield: development vs. LA community Cars and Freeways: o Focus on privatization o Freeways and roads are public o Motorways were supposed to be part of parklands
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Unformatted text preview: o Arroyofest: inspirational event, envision rebuilding LA Global City Los Angeles o Immigrant city, immigrant region, immigrant nation o The port and goods movement engine of growth or creating communities of sacrifice The Next Los Angeles o Reclaimed nature o Communities of struggle o Communities of difference o The right to the city o Social change across borders o Another city/another world is possible 04/02/2008 17:07:00 04/02/2008 17:07:00...
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Robert Gottlieb - Guest Speaker - o Arroyofest:...

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