Gay adoption - 11/7/07 English 1 Throughout history...

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11/7/07 English 1 Throughout history homosexuals have constantly been the victim of scorn and sometimes even violence, in today’s relatively liberal age one would think that we would have advance beyond such trivial bigotry, but unfortunately our prejudices seem to have remained primitive while our technology advanced. One of the many reasons that some people are against such things as allowing homosexuals to marry is that they believe that the purpose of marriage is only to produce children, if that were the case it wouldn’t be illegal to marry more than one person in our country. Gays and lesbians are obviously incapable of producing children with each other and many seek adoption as a way to fill that gap in their lives and help an orphaned youth grow up outside of a foster home. Unfortunately there are still several states that make it illegal for homosexuals to adopt and it is often extremely difficult for them to adopt in states where it is not illegal. The truth is that there has been no evidence to support that children raised by homosexuals are hindered by the fact. Homosexuals should be allowed to adopt children because they will be better off than in foster homes, arguments against adoption are unsupported by fact, and there are actual studies that have shown the lack of negative effects homosexual couples have on adopted children. There are simply too many children in foster care, it is true both here in the United States
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Gay adoption - 11/7/07 English 1 Throughout history...

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