Clan List - Clan Name: ……… Clan Description: Tell us...

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Unformatted text preview: Clan Name: ……… Clan Description: Tell us about the clan history, leadership, customs, any distinguishing features really. Kekkei Genkai: What special abilities does the clan have Lamens terms: simplify the kkg Current Clan Jutsu: any jutsu that is restricted to this clan Leader of the Clan: Name of the RPC in charge of the clan Account in charge of the clan: Name of the member who created and is in charge of any changes to the clan. Location: What villages they are found in. Clan Name: Nakamura Clan Location: Konoha Clan Description: The Nakamura clan has always been somewhat of an anomaly among the village hidden in the leaves. The members are not bound to a single occupation nor are they all even expected to become fully fledged shinobi. Out of all the ninja clans in the village they are by far the most diverse clan in terms of how each individual family lives. Many visitors to the village don’t even realize when they enter the Nakamura neighborhood that, it is in fact their neighborhood and not another ordinary marketplace. Truth be told it would be hard to find a craft where a Nakamura doesn’t partake in. They are merchants, blacksmiths, gardeners, fishermen, astronomers, shinobi etc. Because of the freedom within the clan the actual number of Nakamura that become full ninja is relatively low in comparison to the...
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Clan List - Clan Name: ……… Clan Description: Tell us...

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