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Sam Sheperd - Tru West Sam Shepard's "Tru West"...

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Tru West Sam Shepard’s “Tru West” is often considered one of his greatest achievements as a writer. The story of two brothers whose struggle comes to represent the creation of art and the difficulties required when attempting to create it. The setting throughout the piece is in their mother’s house somewhere outside of the Los Angeles area. Their mother, who has left for Alaska, has left Austin, our protagonist, in charge of the house when he is working on a new screenplay, until his brother Lee arrives unexpectedly. The play opens with Austin, a fairly successful screenwriter, with his brother Lee, a criminal with a hand in both burglary and dog fighting. The two brothers seem to be exact opposites when the play begins, Austin hard at work with Lee drunkenly harassing him, but the plot develops Lee’s presence begins to cause Austin to change into his brother and an golden opportunity for Lee starts to change him into Austin. The pair, who are at odds throughout most of the play eventually work together to create a screenplay and seem to have found some piece only to be ruined by a last minute appearance by their Mother. Through the first scene in the play the two have a strained, but somewhat candor relationship, the highlight of this scene is Lee’s outburst of violence which becomes a constant threat throughout the rest of the play. Austin already frustrated with his seeming inability to write his script, shows annoyance, but also wariness towards Lee indicating he doesn’t want to
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Sam Sheperd - Tru West Sam Shepard's "Tru West"...

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