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Business Law II ID Number AEM 321; NBA 561 Final Exam for Review – Spring 2007 Before beginning, write your CORNELL ID NUMBER, not your name on this sheet and the following pages . Please be sure the exam includes all 12 pages. [ Blank pages removed before exam posted on course website for review ] . There are six questions, many with multiple parts, worth a total of 100 points. You have 150 minutes to complete the exam. Note the approximate time you should devote to each question appears before that question. Please read the following instructions CAREFULLY: Please read the questions carefully and organize your answer before you write. Please write clearly. WHAT WE CANNOT READ WE CANNOT GRADE . The entire test is open book - you may use any materials you wish EXCEPT TAKENOTE in its original form. NO MATERIALS MAY BE SHARED. Note however that you should NOT quote either TakeNote, the text or any course materials verbatim at great length. You will not be rewarded for copying. Your reasoning in answering each question is what counts not the conclusion that you reach or the fact that you have a complete set of reference materials. FOR GRADERS ONLY 1. (15) 2. (20) 3. (15) 4. (20) 5. (15) 6. (15) TOTAL
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ID Number (15 points; 10 minutes) 1. Each question is worth 5 points. Answer as many correctly as you can [or need to] in order to earn a maximum of 15 points. a. Is your name on the list of participants in the market research study in April? [Sorry, you will not get points for correctly answering “no.”] b. Prof. Grossman reported that a jury recently awarded a $1.9 million judgment for patent infringement in a case that would be of interest to many Cornell students. What was the invention, or the industry, involved in this suit? c. Wile E. Coyote sued Acme alleging what cause of action? d. What is the “Flunk With Dignity Rule?” If you get close, you get credit. e. There was an equipment failure in 131 Warren. For how many classes [after the midterm] was the projection system out of order? f. Who said, “While ordinarily the best offense is a good defense, none of these defenses hold the line. ...Because the [defendant] cannot prevail on any of these defenses, the rule must be sacked.” Again, if you get close, you get credit.
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321_final_exam_for_review_07 - Business Law II AEM 321 NBA...

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