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Communication Law Guidelines for Writing Papers Research for the paper assignments should be based on lecture notes, textbook, assigned cases and statutes. You may do further independent research if you wish, but it is not required . The purpose of the assignments is not to evaluate your ability to do legal research but rather your ability to use the cases and statutes in your analysis of the problem[s] presented in the paper. Generally there is no “right” answer and your grade is based on your ability to understand the issues and correctly apply the law in your analysis. FORMAT Your paper should be no longer than the page limit in the assignment as part of the task is to succinctly answer the questions posed. It should be typed and double-spaced, using one-inch margins and at least 12-pt. font. Please proof read your work and spell-check it. While your grade is not influenced by minor flaws in your writing style, a poorly-written paper is impossible to evaluate without considering the bad writing. Legal writing is very logical; follow the format below and the only difficulty that you will have is with the substance of your argument. Legal writing is also not very creative. It is imperative that you rely on cases and statutes if relevant rather than the text for the support
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428_guide_to_writing_papers - Communication Law Guidelines...

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