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WR39B2 paper 01 five sexes summary - 1 Writing 39B Tamara...

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1 Writing 39B Tamara Beauchamp January 19, 2007 The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough Introduction In her article “The Five Sexes: Why Male and Female Are Not Enough”, Professor Anne Fausto-Sterling of Brown University presents her research on intersexuality and argues that sex cannot be defined within two strict genders. Although she is not the first to touch on the subject, she is the first to introduce the revolutionary and controversial idea of five sexes: male, female, “herms”, “merms”, and “ferms”. However, she believes that even five sexes are not enough to encompass the unique print of every body. She reproves the cultural and medical discriminations that influence a society that would reject her utopia of no sexual divisions. Published in 1993, her ideas came out when the issue of AIDS and homosexuality was fresh in the minds of the general population; the wild controversy surrounding those issues puts into perspective the kind of response Fausto-Sterling’s article probably received. Even though her research was first seen by readers of The Sciences , Fausto-Sterling’s focuses more on the liberal effects an embrace of intersexuality would bring on society. Methods and Materials Fausto-Sterling supports her argument with history, case studies, and factual descriptions, along with citations of numerous doctors specializing in intersexuality. The subject is introduced with a historical anecdote about a hermaphrodite named Levi Suydam who was unable to vote until a doctor declared him male, but then later discovered that he had both a penis and a vagina,
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2 therefore muddling the election results (1). Other historical references include traces of intersexuality found in the Bible and the Talmud and Tosefta, as well as brief descriptions of the Anglo-Saxon laws on sex and gender laws throughout history and the present (4). Fausto- Sterling continues her exploration of intersexuality with case studies, discussing the ninety-eight case studies of hermaphroditism as researched by French investigators Paul Guinet and Jacques
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WR39B2 paper 01 five sexes summary - 1 Writing 39B Tamara...

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