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Identification - Offspring of Poseidon and Medusa’s corpse: Pegasus and Crysor - Deliades (singers/chorus): knew dialects of others, able to mimic sounds. Long robes o “In addition to this, there would be the maidens who serve far-shooting god, the Deliades, a great and wondrous sight, whose renown will never perish. They sing their hymn to Apollo first of all and then to Leto and Artemis, who delights in her arrows, and they remember the men and women of old and enchant the assembled throng with their songs. They know how to imitate the sounds and sing in the dialects of all human beings. So well does their beautiful song match the speech of each person that one would say he himself were singing.” - Delos: birthplace of Apollo - Apollo: farshooter, son of Leto and Zeus. Born in Delos. Killed Pytho to take possession of Delphi. - Arachne: contest with Minerva (Athena); turned into a spider; challenged by Minerva under a guise of an old woman. Expressed hubris – thought she was the best weaver and was
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