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Finance Notecard

Finance Notecard - d bonds issued in foreign country but...

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Unformatted text preview: d: bonds issued in foreign country but determined in home currency merican Depository Receipt): Foreign shares held in trust in US ency: currency deposited by banks outside of home country Common international money rate e: on the stop. Forward trade: set in the future ng power parity (PPP) PPP: exchange rates adjust to keep purchasing power constant among currency PPP: change in exchange rates is determined by difference in inflation rates d approvals, select a UW, register with SEC, and develop a market, price & issue s : registration statement (filed with SEC, Disclosure), Preliminary Prospectus (Red Herring) rice, deal structure, marketing st common in IPO’s: negotiated, firm commitment difference from issue price and subsequent market price m the issue proceeds and what the company gets perwork, accounting, audit e ment time and effort in stock price on announce of SEO’s measures how EBIT changes with changes in sales increases with higher fixed costs increases w/ higher interest payments...
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