Awareness Followed by Action (Jessica B)

Awareness Followed by Action (Jessica B) - causing. What we...

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Boudreaux - 1 - Awareness Followed by Action By: Jessica Boudreaux Soci X136 Dr. A. Ladd
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Boudreaux - 2 - Jessica Boudreaux Soci X136 Dr. A. Ladd 2/28/2008 Awareness Followed by Action Environmental awareness is not very widespread, there are not many people in the United States that know how their everyday actions affect the environment. Some of those people who are aware that their actions are harmful, may not think that it is that important or that big of a deal. The fact of the matter is, it may not affect you to any extreme in your lifetime, but what about your children or your grandchildren. Your degrading actions towards the environment will directly affect them, and the world that they will live in. Americans consume the most goods and produce the most wastes, compared to any other country in the world. We eat more food, have more garbage, emit more carbon (from automobile exhausts), and so on. Americans are so worried about wealth and success that they don’t see and some don’t care what environmental problems they are
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Unformatted text preview: causing. What we as the American people do not understand is that if things don’t change and the little bit of healthy environment that is left is not preserved, then inevitably we as the human race will have no means for survival and eventually no fit place to live in. Before taking Sociology X136 I was one of the thousands of uninformed Americans. I did not think much about how my everyday life affects the environment. The reason that I decided to take the class was because I was so ill informed and I was looking to learn more about this environmental crisis. The only environmental issues I had heard about was a little bit on global warming from the television. I have come to realize that my actions, along with all the other people who live like I do, are just helping dig this planet and its people deeper into this environmental crisis....
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Awareness Followed by Action (Jessica B) - causing. What we...

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