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Chapter 15 15.1 Bronsted Acids and Bases Bronsted acid: substance capable of donating a proton Bronsted base: substance that can accept a proton Conjugate acid-base pair: an acid and its conjugate base or a base and its conjugate acid. Conjugate base of a Bronsted acid is the species that remains when one proton has been removed from the acid Conjugate acid results from the addition of a proton to a Bronsted base
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Unformatted text preview: 15.2 The Acid-Base Properties of Water Water can act either as an acid or a base Water acts as a base in reactions with HCl and CH3COOH Water acts as an acid in reactions with NH3 The Ion Product of Water Hydrogen ion concentration its value indicates the acidity or basicity of the solution Concentration on water remains virtually unchanged...
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