Final MSL Review - Descent into Madness p.194-208 The New...

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Descent into Madness p.194-208 The New Mexico State Prison Riot Violence, destruction, disorganization 36 hours, 33 inmates killed by other inmates, victims tortured and mutilated, 200 inmates severely injured from beatings, stabbings and rapes Drug overdoses from prison pharmacy Correctional officers taken hostage – beaten, stabbed, sodomized o heroic efforts of some prisoners who risked their lives to save others from harm 20 million cost in physical damage, fires, water flood, 200 M total costs for all riot related expenses Inconsistency of prison of security procedures, discipline of inmates, etc… Seen as harassment by inmates, snitch system – staff solicited information through threats and promises, snitch game break apart any sense of inmate solidarity, label of snitch – deadly consequence o Inmate groups broke down into small self protective cliques, new inmates entering a disorganized social situation with undefined roles and lack of leadership o Inmates becoming more violent in reaction to a prison social structure that elicited such a response Fear of humiliation drove the violence, violent confrontations – test inmates character of weak or strong Total lack of organization by inmates and the inmate to inmate violence that punctuated the event, extreme violence caused by a small number of inmates who belonged to some particularly violent inmate cliques, organizational phenomenon, snitch system to undermine inmate solidarity, mot horrific prison riot in history On Being Sane In Insane Places
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p. 209 – 219 If sanity exists, how can we tell the normal from the abnormal? •Do the characteristics that lead to a diagnosis of sanity or insanity reside in the patients or the environment and context in which the patients are observed? Historically the belief has been strong that patients present symptoms that can be categorized to distinguish the sane from the insane. Recently though, this belief has been questioned and psychological categorization has been seen as useless, harmful, misleading, and worst case scenario pejorative. o If sane and insane people can be distinguished between, than sane people in a mental hospital should be easily identified. 8 sane patients were sent to 12 different hospitals to see if they could be identified as frauds. The 8 patients each entered very different mental hospitals complaining that they were hearing voices. Upon being admitted they lied about their name, their occupation (if it related to the mental health field) and made up that they were hearing the voices but the entire history of their sane life that they gave was true. All but one of the patients were diagnosed with schizophrenia and they were all
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Final MSL Review - Descent into Madness p.194-208 The New...

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