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Previous Final # 1 1) What is a filibuster? 2) What is required to stop a filibuster? 3) What is meant by divided government? 4) Why, in 1977, did rural congressmen representing very few poor people vote for food stamps? 5) To how many electoral votes is a state entitled? 6) A poll taken during a presidential election year finds that most Americans see international conflict as the chief problem facing the U.S. If that is all you know about the circumstances of the campaign, which party would you bet on? 7) If you favored the other party, what would you urge its candidate not to say much about in the campaign? 8) And what issues would you urge him to emphasize instead? 9) The more wealthy you are, the more likely you are to vote. Still, wealth per se has little direct effect on whether you vote. Explain. 10) State Xonia is divided into nine counties, equal in population, each solidly Democratic or solidly Republican. Democratic and Republican counties are located as follows: R D R D D R D R R You are a political scientist hired by the leaders of the Democratic legislature to divide Xonia into three constitutionally permissible districts, each contiguous, and none cutting any county in two. Draw a district map in the picture above. 11) The Republican governor of Xonia vetoes your map and hires you to draw a new one. Do so: R D R D D R D R R 12) Dates aside, that is the sequence of decisions that Congress (not the OMB) takes to produce an annual budget?
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13) What were the major parties, one or more, in: 1800_____________________________________________________ 1820_____________________________________________________ 1840_____________________________________________________ 1880_____________________________________________________ 1984_____________________________________________________ 14) It is 2012 and President Hillary Clinton is running for reelection against Governor Gary Coleman of California. Unemployment and inflation have all been well above average during most of her term, though below average y election year. If this were all you knew, whom would you bet on, President Hillary or Governor Gary? 15) What is a continuing resolution? 16) Today, Congressional committee chairmen belong to which party, Republican or
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PS_40_Previous_Finals - Previous Final 1 1 What is a...

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