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Psychology 101 4-24 - psychological disorders • 60 will...

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Psychology 101 Gender Identity Disorder NOS   Sexual Disorder NOS Sociocultural influences on sexual practices   Males tend to … Eating disorders  Two major types of eating disorders  Anorexia nervosa o Bulimia nervosa  • Eating disorders NOS:  o Binge eating disorder  • Obesity (not in DSM) •  Self Psychology towards eating disorders o  When a person has fragility to the cohesion to their self o  They will be looking for one way to regulate their self esteem to feel good about  themselves… •  The death rate (including suicide) due to eating disorders is higher than that of most 
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Unformatted text preview: psychological disorders • 60% will experience depression at some point in their life o eating disorders are most prevalent in western • Obesity accounts for more morbidity and mortality than all eating disorders combined • Socio-cultural climate o We are living in a cultural milieu in which thinness is highly valued for woman in particular • Rates have increased for males o Common among male models, actors o Men at risk for eating disorder o Childhood obesity o Wrestling o Homosexuality...
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