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Psychology 101 4-28 - • The supernatural tradition...

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Psychology 101 Abnormal psychology  • Why would one do self harm?  • Kill your kids  • Insanity?  • OCD Integrative Bio Psych Social Framework (old, not important)  • Brain functioning : biological  o Neurotransmitters  o Hormonal imbalances  o Genetic vulnerability  o Temperament  • Phenotype  • Relationships  • Family  • Friends  • Intimate others  • Freud  • Post freudians  • Culture History of psychopathology (not important) 
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Unformatted text preview: • The supernatural tradition between good and evil • Magic…. • If exorcism failed, torture… • Burning demon possessed • Manuals for diagnosing and treating witches • Salem witch trials • Moonstruck: lunatic • Shamanism since prehistoric times • Bloodletting • Lobotomy • Today: electric convulsive therapy, brain surgery, medications…...
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