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Grecia Sanchez Jane Austen & Film October 27, 2016 Lizzy’s Visit to Pemberley In the 2004 film and the 1995 BBC miniseries of Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice , the interpretations of certain events naturally vary, as the directors explore their own vision and consider what will please the audience. The difference in these interpretations is part of what draws readers to go out and see how the directors present the novel. One interpretation that varies in the novel, miniseries, and film, is the scene where Lizzy, believing Mr. Darcy will not be there, tours Pemberley with the Gardiners right when Mr. Darcy arrives. This is their first encounter since Mr. Darcy hands her the infamous letter, and in the film and miniseries, seeing how both of them react in this unexpected circumstance demonstrates the change in Mr. Darcy’s character but consistency in his feelings, and Lizzy’s developing feelings towards him and change in her own character through a bigger lense. Some things do not change in order to remain true to Austen’s story and characters; therefore there are some similarities in all three genres. In all three genres, Lizzy refuses to visit Pemberley until she is assured that Mr. Darcy will not be present. This is due to the embarrassment she feels for how badly she misjudged Mr. Darcy and her character’s inability to comprehend that he could possibly forgive her, let alone still love her, after the way she rejected him. Lizzy, as well as the Gardiners, all admire Pemberley, and Mrs. Reynolds is very crucial in all three genres in taking them one step further in the way they perceived Darcy to be, and Lizzy cannot help but wonder that “to be mistress of Pemberley might be something” (Austen 235). Mrs. Reynolds’ description of Mr. Darcy, alongside the comparison that Lizzy makes in her head between Mr. Darcy and Pemberley’s “natural beauty,” reveals to the readers and audience the 1
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changes in Lizzy’s mind and how this affects her behavior around Mr. Darcy, especially when they meet for the first time after the letter (Austen 235). In the novel, the narrator describes Pemberley through Lizzy’s experience and reveals her change, as well as the change that she and the Gardiners observe in Mr. Darcy. As the Gardiners and Lizzy are given a tour by Mrs. Reynolds, they admire the miniatures of the family, and Mrs.
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P3D2GS.pdf - Grecia Sanchez Jane Austen Film Lizzys Visit...

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