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Jason Sprague Id#2714698930 MUIN 425 Final Taken on the production and promotion of a live show has been one of the most stressful things I have ever done. It was a great experience because it showed me another side of the working with music, however it also taught me that I never want to be a promoter in this industry. It is tough to have a successful show, even with 5 other people working together. Our show was an adventure, like everyone else in the class. The following is a breakdown of planning, promotion, and outcome of our event. Management When we first assembled our team me and Jake Adriano kind of took the lead in terms of what kind of event we wanted to throw, and what type of charity we wanted to donate to. We wanted to raise money for displaced musicians in New Orleans through the Grammy’s Music Cares program. Everyone on the team thought that was a great idea, and it seemed everyone was on board. We decided on a hip hop/rock showcase, since I knew some talented rap acts, and Danielle Pizzorni knew some great rock bands. With a plan in motion, I contacted the several artists I knew who might be interested in performing at the show. They agreed and it seemed like everything was going to plan. Jake was going to get in contact with Grammy U for a possible sponsorship, and Danielle was going to get her own acts together for the show. When the next week came an interesting thing happened. All of sudden the Joyce Sutedja and Danielle decided to change the whole setup of the show. They convinced the rest of the group that we should stick to one genre and change the charity. At first I was a little upset because I had already made arrangements with the artists I knew to perform, plus I felt a
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little steamrolled over since the girls seemed to want to promote only music that they personally liked. However after some thought I knew that Danielle would come through for the group with some great acts, and if everyone else was on board, so was I. With the whole makeup of the show changing, responsibilities within the group changed as well. Jake was having trouble with getting Grammy U to sponsor any event. Joyce had some bands she wanted to bring in. Andy Pitts, another member of the group was trying to get people he knew involved. Haley Golding, the fifth member of our team, had a great idea to bring in her cousin who is a comedian, to perform as an opening act. Danielle was working on getting acts and a venue, and I was trying to keep our tem on track. I actually ended up having to arrange a conference call from my internship so that we could get everyone on track. After the first month or so of the semester, we still didn’t have a venue. The Viper Room and Key Club wanted ridiculous bar guarantees, or didn’t have the dates available that we wanted. It looked like things were headed for trouble, so often I had to clam everyone down and make sure we were doing what we needed to.
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Muin 425 Final - Jason Sprague Id#2714698930 MUIN 425 Final...

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