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edu107pp32 - teacher hiring process Superintendent of Mt...

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11.29.07 Everybody has their own thoughts and beliefs about various things in life. During my tenure in EDU 107, I have developed my own thoughts and beliefs about education. I’ve learned that an education is not a noun, but a verb that takes a skilled and gifted person for it to be accomplished. According to my philosophy, an educator is not only an expert in their field, but can effectively communicate it to all types of students and learners. According to guest speaker Maggie Youngblood, every student has a unique way of learning things. An educator is one who can teach to all different kinds of learning styles. The role of an educator is so simple in words, yet extremely difficult to execute in practice. The ideal educator can skillfully complete this task. I believe that most ordinary teachers cannot teach every way that students learn. There are a variety of learning styles that teachers much teach to, and only the best educators can teach to them all. I think this should certainly be evaluated during the
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Unformatted text preview: teacher hiring process. Superintendent of Mt. Pleasant Schools Joe Pius described their hiring process, and it is in accordance with my educational philosophy. My educational philosophy also states that teachers should actively promote diversity in the classroom. When I was a high school student, I think I would have gotten more out of my education had there been more diversity included. Students can learn so much just by simply relating a subject to another country. In the movie Freedom Writers, I think that the students benefited socially from being in a diverse classroom. They learned to be accepting of other cultures. Diversity is a very important component in the classroom. My philosophy has not changed since taking EDU 107; it has simply become more detailed. I learned a lot of things about teaching and education that I added. I can still apply my philosophy in my career as a college professor, and I’m glad that EDU 107 could help me update it....
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edu107pp32 - teacher hiring process Superintendent of Mt...

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