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Lab report for experiment 7

Lab report for experiment 7 - Patrick Smith Chemistry 115...

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Patrick Smith Chemistry 115 Section 3 Identification of “UM-1” Using Empirical Formula 30 October 2006 Kyle McCool Dear Mr. TA, In today’s experiment we studied the reactions in aqueous solutions, including metathesis reactions and net ionic equations. We concocted a series of mixtures and observed their reactions and recorded the ionic equations. In the first mixture we mixed Copper (II) sulfate and sodium carbonate. It went from clear to blue in color and became very cloudy. A precipitate was formed. In the second mixture, Copper (II) sulfate and barium chloride was mixed. It went from crystal clear to a milky white color. A precipitate was also formed. In the third mixture, copper (II) sulfate and sodium phosphate was mixed. It went from a clear to a pale blue. It was semi cloudy and a precipitate was also formed. In the fourth mixture, sodium carbonate and sulfuric acid were combined. It stayed the same color but started to bubble. There was no evidence of a precipitate.
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