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Lab report for experiment 5 - A similar decrease in numbers...

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Patrick Smith Chem 115 Section 4 TA Lucas McElwayne March 26, 2007 Dear Mr. McElwayne, Experiment seven resulted in identifying an originally unknown metal by finding the atomic mass of the metal and taking an educated guess. By using the analytical balance number 171276, the mass of the crucible and cover after heating it once was 32.530, and then after a second heating, a mass of 32.537 was recorded. After adding the UM-1, the mass of the crucible and cover was 33.579, thus giving the UM-1 a total mass of 1.049. Then the oxide was added and once again the crucible was heated three times.
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Unformatted text preview: A similar decrease in numbers was found. The ratio of UM-1 to oxygen in EO was 1:1. In EO2 it was 1:2. In E2O there was a ratio of 2:1. With E2O3 there was a ratio of 2:3, and with E3O2, there was a ratio of 3:2. After all the calculations and hypothesizing, the unknown metal was said to be bromine. It contained all of the same characteristics when came to oxide, and heat. Respectfully Submitted, Patrick Smith Chemist, Ole Miss Chemical Laboratories Room #260 University, MS 38677...
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