Statistics Project B

Statistics Project B - Problem 2 Problem : The library...

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Problem 1 Problem: It is believed that university sophomores see at least 4 movies at the theater per month. Step 1: Ho: µ ≥ 4 Ha: µ <4 Statistical data: Survey results follow after asking 10 people. 1,3,2,1,0,1,1,0,1,0 Step 2: The Level of Significance chosen is .10. The Test Statistic formula is… Source: t Step 3 : After entering in the calculator the equation we found that… X bar= 1 Level of Significance= .10 µ=4 DF: 9 Standard deviation= .94 Critical T-Score= 1.383 Tailed Test: Left Conclusion: Reject null hypothesis Type 1 Error -Original claim not sustained Test Statistic: -1.009 Equation solved: (1-4) _________ = -1.009 (.94/3.16) For problem number one we obtained a correct decision because the null hypothesis was rejected and the original claim was not sustained.
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Unformatted text preview: Problem 2 Problem : The library claims that university juniors visit the library twice a week. 1,1,4,2,5,3,2,0,6,5 Step 1: Ho: µ ≥ 2 Ha: µ <2 Step: 2 Given Information: Level of Confidence: .10 Test Statistic: 2.26 X-bar = 2.9 Critical T-Score= 1.383 (Same Equation) (2.9)-(2) _____________ = 2.26 (2.02)/(.63878) Test Tailed: Right Conclusion: Fail to reject null hypothesis-The original claim is sustained DF: 9 Standard Deviation: 2.02 Error: Type 2 For problem number two, we obtained a correct decision due to the failure to reject the hypothesis as well as the sustaining of the original claim. Statistics Project #2 David Berry Blake Williams Patrick Smith Statistics Math 115; Section 11 Mrs. Atchley November 14, 2006...
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Statistics Project B - Problem 2 Problem : The library...

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