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The mini grammar revision guidlines: 1. Make sure you attend all comments given on each part of the LDP. If you have any questions regarding those, check with me well before the grammar is due. 2. In the Mini-Grammar you do not need to give the introductory paragraphs that you have at the beginning of each project part. You need to replace those introductory paragraphs with transitional ones in which you present each new topic of your language such as lexicon, syntax, sociolinguistic phenomenon, etc. 3. In the main introductory paragraph you need to mention the location where the language is spoken, number of speakers, sociolinguistic phenomenon that you are discussing later in the part 4. This paragraph can be around 10 lines.
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Unformatted text preview: 4. The transitional paragraphs must include the topic of the following part, i.e. what are you going to focus on in the follwoing section of the grammar. 5. Make sure that the formatting of the paper complies to the requirements given in the handout of Mini-Grammar on d2l: 12-size Times New Romans font in one color. The directions given in the templates should be deleted completely . Again submission to turnitin webpage is the MUST. 6. The reference page must be separate from the entire paper and written based on the LSA style. This style is also extremely importatnt because you are earning 10 points just for correct reference page of this project. If you have questions regarding this, please let me know ahead of time....
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