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The Mother Tongue

The Mother Tongue - ENGL 107-005 The Mother Tongue Issues...

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ENGL 107-005 The Mother Tongue Issues that non-native speakers face in daily situations become an obstacle for living. In my experience as non-native speaker the days I have been living in The United States, I had problems to communicate my ideas and be my self with new people. For example, when I go to buy something frequently people will give a different product of what I’m asking or they don’t pay attention to me. People from service not treat me the same as Americans. Also, when I want to claim something people don’t hear me. When we learn a new language it becomes hard for us to explain ourselves finding the exact words. I feel connected to Amy Tan’s reading. In the reading from “The Mother Tongue” we can see how Amy Tan’s mother has difficulties trying to express her self in a conversation about a political gangster in Shanghai, or when she is claiming her CAT test in the hospital, and when she claim to her boss for her check. “Mother Tongue” is about a girl named Amy Tan, born in Oakland, California in 1952, whose parents were from China. Her mother has broken, and limited English. The Mother Tongue shows the impact of her fractured language in her daily life. A person who does not have a good grasp of language can not have success in modern life, because the most important function of language is to communicate, and exchange information. Thus, the language acts as a regulator and structural of the personality of our social behavior, the efficiency we have to solve problems. Amy Tan could find
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success learning how to use two strategic languages Standard English, and Academic language described in the reading of “The Mother Tongue”. The standard language is defined as the “normal language” the had a
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The Mother Tongue - ENGL 107-005 The Mother Tongue Issues...

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