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Engl. 107-05 December 8, 2006 Border Stereotypes What does the term The Space Between mean? According to several journal articles, the space between refers to a “third country,” in other words, a lost region between two countries. Many people have a vague idea about the international border. Unfortunately, most are stereotypes. The problem is stereotypes can quickly and easily become a widespread, global association for some groups, and also become long established. Kimi Eisele, the author of the great story “The Space Between” is one of the stereotype’s victims. In her story, Eisele discusses one of the important issues in the world, the space between Mexico and the United States. She removes the darkness from the real truth. The media is to blame. They provide misinformation about the border and distort the real truth about what occurs on both sides of the imaginary line that separates
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Unformatted text preview: the United States and Mexico. Eisele found that even with the beauty of the road and the mountains on her way to the Mexican border, her impressions were based on media information. She mentions, “Before I began to cross the border regularly, I heard stories about it. Some I read in the newspaper, some I watched on the local nightly news…most of the stories were about desperate souls who’d do anything to get north” (478). When Eisele first started to cross the border, she loved the beauty of the road and the scenery of the mountains. She was very excited. On the other hand, however, her idea about the border started to blot out the beauty. Because she had no idea of how the media distorted and the news that 1...
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