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LDP part 4 template

LDP part 4 template - you cite each of your references in...

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Language Documentation Project, Part 4 – Sociolinguistic Sketch <<TYPE YOUR NAME AND SECTION NUMBER HERE>> <<TYPE THE DATE HERE>> Page 1 of 1 SECTION 1: Overview and Introduction <<type in the name of your language, and the non-Indo European language your references described. Then name the type of phenomenon you will focus on (i.e. dialect, language and gender, style, etc).>> SECTION 2: The phenomenon in << name the non-Indo-European language here >> <<Describe the phenomenon (as it occurs in the real language you read about), and be sure that
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Unformatted text preview: you cite each of your references in the text of this portion of the paper>> SECTION 2: An analogous situation in << name your language here >> << be sure to give examples, and write them examples using the four-line system described in the assignment handout. Explain clearly how these examples are similar to those you discussed in section 1>> References <<Type out your full reference citation in LSA style here.>>...
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