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English 107 09/10/06 Language Barrier There are over 300 different languages in the world we live in. Many of us have a first language which is the language of your kind spoken to each other. Yet, many of us have moved to other part of the world where your first language is not the language of that location. As I moved from China to the U.S. 6 years ago, I didn’t know any English at all. Which English is the primary spoken language in America. I know I am into some challenge to live here without knowing how to speak the language. Many times I have been misunderstood by my teacher, friends and classmates not because I didn’t know what I was talking about, but because I didn’t have a vocabulary that can help me to describe what I was trying to say. It was a barrier for me to communicate with people. As Amy Tan’s Mother Tongue describe how her mother’s broken language has affect her life. Due to her mother’s broken language, she can’t communicate with people well, the words she uses to describe things are limited. It became a barrier for her mother, a barrier in between her and rest of the world she lives in. In Tan’s essay about her mother’s broken language. She listed many examples of what her mother said and the way she speak English. How people misunderstand her mother. How her mother’s broken language influenced her in her writing as an author. Her mother can’t call her stockbroker on the phone so she made Tan to pretend to be her
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Language Barrier - English 107 09/10/06 Language Barrier...

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