The Space in Between

The Space in Between - English 107-005 11 September 2006...

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Unformatted text preview: English 107-005 11 September 2006 Textual Analysis “The Space in Between” How did the author’s view change after visiting Nogales Kimi Eisele is a writer whose works are mainly dedicated to culture, geography, environment and national relationship themes. One of her most outstanding works “The Space in Between” was based on her degree project. Her research took place in a small town in Mexico called Nogales where she worked with a group of children to find out the answers for the different questions. Kimi Eisele discovered the problems of perceptions of the place where people live and the world generally, she also tried to find out what really means border and what differences puts border on the people who lives on the opposite sides of the border. All these questions were discovered from different angles of view in the work “The Space in Between”. Author is crave for finding out the answers for her questions because she “wanted to understand the other side of things in as many ways as possible”(p. 478) , “wanted to revision the border, to understand what the line really separated. How does it define difference? What limits does it place on those who can not cross it easily? On those who can? What would the present life of children reveal about the future of the border? How far north would children’s imagination wander? How far would my own imagination wander?” (p.479) As story develops we can see the reformations in author’s views and thoughts. And as she finds the answers for these “nagging questions” she changes. She changes from being full of stereotypes and stories which were heard earlier to being more 1 than a citizen of the “world’s most powerful country” and thinking that her country is not...
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The Space in Between - English 107-005 11 September 2006...

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