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caravaggio - Goliath was God’s enemy showing he is doomed...

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4/12/08 Caravaggio The Baroque era of painting was a time of intensity and drama. Techniques like chiaroscuro were used to show drastic effects on the canvas. There were many renowned works that spawned from this time, but Caravaggio was by far the most compelling artists of the Baroque period. He stood out because he not only used the contrast of light and dark to draw attention to parts of his work, but he also took it a step further to bring life and death into the piece. His art was intriguing, he included “psychological realism” in a way that no one else could. Although his life was fairly short, he went through some dark experiences that showed in his art. In David with the Head of Goliath , he paints himself as Goliath’s head. The light is on David while darkness covers the head. This was done near the end of his life, showing despair and disgust.
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Unformatted text preview: Goliath was God’s enemy showing he is doomed to hell, which sparks thoughts that Caravaggio felt he was doomed to hell as well. He had a troubled life, killed someone, and was forced to flee. Like most infamous artists, Caravaggio was bold and took risks in his artwork. At the same time he had the ability to bring out precise detail down to the folds on a shirt and the mold on some fruit. In Boy with a Basket of Fruit , he defines realism by revealing every single thing he can in this simple scene. He takes this idea and “turns it into a life and death drama”, using shadows in the background and showing emotion in the boy’s face. Caravaggio painted realistic masterpieces that are absorbing and deep, and he will be remembered for his influence on the Baroque style and on artists that follow him....
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