final - 7:04:00 PM 2.a The Constitution provides that the...

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05/05/2008 18:04:00 2.a The Constitution provides that the president of the United States holds executive power. There are four specific powers of the president 1. Commander in chief of the armed forces. 2. Power to grant reprieves or pardons. 3. Power to make treaties (subject to senate approval) 4. Power to make certain appointments including those of ambassadors and justices of the supreme court (subject to senate approval). b. The factors that have contributed to the presidents expansion of power are 1900’s presidents had more energy ( to get things done) expanded their constituency to include the people directly) they did not have popularity before, became more responsible and important to the people. First way was the general election ( when we pick a president his/her name would be known by us this wasn’t the truth before, Second way developed mass media prowess and communicating through a non-partisan press… press was for political powers, Woodrow Wilson invented the presidential press. Third way was institutionalizing the presidency (organized) examples are national security council, office of administration was the single biggest factor. More examples FDR- had newscaster in his entourage gave them exclusive access and they printed positive things about him. The press got to be on the on the boat and got the stories first but if u were negative u were not allowed back on the boat and that was the end of your career (Brilliant use of the media) Neustadt” a presidents authority and status give him great advantages in dealing with the men he would persuade” Neustadt describes how the different institution don’t have different powers but share powers and a president must be persuasive and lenient when requesting something they have relationships of mutual dependence and is much like collective bargaining in which the president and he other power seeks to profit from the other. Formal Informal Resources the president may draw on ( these are all Jones
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final - 7:04:00 PM 2.a The Constitution provides that the...

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