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AFRICA- - 1954 FLN 1962 Independence is established 1/9 of...

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AFRICA 3 Terms Cold War- Third World- Decolonization 1 st World- USA, Western Europe (Good Colonizers) 2 nd World-Soviet, China, North Korea (Communist Colonizers) 3 rd World- Non-developed, No role or side in the Cold War. - Colonized by the 1 st or 2 nd World - Trying to find a role in the world Third World resists a lot: 96 countries gain their independence - Korea, India, China, Vietnam, Iran, many in Africa, etc. The cinema of these countries “reflects and reproduces relations in patriarchy”. (Handout) Subjects: War, Colonization, Decolonization, Post-decolonization, violence, freedom fighting, injustices There is sometimes clear and shot decolonization, but there are very complicated countries—ALGERIA. ALGERIA HISTORY: Berbers are indigenous Romans invade Arabs invade and establish Islam After 900 years, all of northern Africa is Islam 150 years of freedom after fall of Ottoman Empire (Turkey) 1830- French take over 1848- French declare it as theirs (colonized) 1920- Algerians resist against france 1945- WWII- French kil 10,000 Algerians
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Unformatted text preview: 1954- FLN? 1962- Independence is established 1/9 of all Algerians were killed (1,000,000) Decolonization is violent They still speak French ALGERIAN CINEMA: Made and dominated by French They really lack the resources Centers around decolonization of film language Visual identity 1. The way we were before colonization as origin (ie. Yeelen ) 2. _____________________________________ BATTLE OF ALGIERS: Yasef Saadi wrote it while in prison He is a FLN- leader who plays a FLN leader in the film, keeping the same name (reflexive) 1950’s First major production, but made by non-Algerians- joint production Award of Golden Lion at Venice Film Festival Italian Director Bases much of it in Italian Neo-Realism Close to the actual reality of what happened - About violence by both parties- Decolonization struggle- Sympathy of both sides- Gender roles Great movie analysis I found… http://www.commondreams.org/views03/0907-07.htm...
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AFRICA- - 1954 FLN 1962 Independence is established 1/9 of...

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