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Film Response Paper For your two film response papers, please choose one of the movies that we viewed in class and “Tough Guise.” The papers need to be a minimum of three pages in length, APA formatted, TNR 12 pt font and double spaced. In accordance with APA format, you need to have a title page with your name, class and school. You will be graded on proper formatting, critical thought, adherence to guidelines and original ideas. You will be asked to cite three sources for the paper. Sources need to be from academic journals, newspapers, books or magazines. No internet sources will be allowed. The first paper is due on 10/10 and the second paper is due on 11/28. Tough Guise What is the central premise of the movie? What effect does some men's defensiveness have on our willingness to be honest about the disproportionate amount of violence perpetrated by males?
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Unformatted text preview: Many cultural commentators have noted that media representations of men of color (e.g. news accounts, roles in film, pornography, sports) have disproportionately shown them to be aggressive and violent. What effect do these portrayals have on the gender identity formation of boys and men of color? How do these portrayals influence the way the white majority sees men of color? Do you feel that the media simply reflect changes in society, or do they in some way inspire change? Do you feel the culture is opening up, that it has started to embrace more willingly males that go against the traditional masculine type? If so, why do you think this is happening? If not, why not? How would this film define a "better man"? Do you agree with the messages put forth by this film? Why or why not?...
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