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Path of the Warrior - Ryan Fontana Soc 326 Path of the...

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Ryan Fontana Soc. 326 1/17/07 Path of the Warrior One of the greatest books I have read for this class so far is Shambhala: The Sacred Path of the Warrior . Inside, Trungpa describes how to find basic goodness in one’s self and how to incorporate it into everyday life. She does so by examining the universal archetypal symbol of the peaceful warrior and relating to it in contemporary terms. Although the book describes the path of the warrior over twenty-one chapters, I believe the core teaching of the book can be broken down into three main topics: basic goodness, the cocoon, and nowness. The first topic is the most important since only after one discovers basic goodness can one truly begin to understand the path of the warrior. It is the foundation of the true warrior’s path. Too many people tend to look at the negatives in their lives and focus on their problems. Instead, Trungpa suggests on focusing on one’s own self and tenderness; the good instead of the bad. She states that there is basic goodness in every human being. Only after realizing that one has and is born with the potential to be a genuinely good
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Path of the Warrior - Ryan Fontana Soc 326 Path of the...

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