WRITING 140 ASSIGNMENT THREE - Alzheimer the United States...

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Alzheimer, the United States and Darfur The world today is plagued with conflicts and warfare spilling all over the globe from Kashmir, Bosnia, Gaza, to Darfur. Everyday countless innocent civilians become prey to the mass killings and violence that is raging in their region. The countries that are giant influential powerhouses remain silent spectators of the events that are taking place today without taking any real concrete steps to find a lasting solution to the problems. This ignorance of the world’s superpowers cannot be eternal as soon the situation would be spilling out of control and it will be almost too late for them to turn their attention to finally address the issue. The United States should intervene in Darfur using its power and influence to provide economic assistance and help reach a diplomatic solution, otherwise the U.S should resort to using military force, in order to be successful in ending the violence that is taking place. The conflict in Darfur between the rebel groups and the government has led to one of the worst and saddest genocides in world history with more than 200,000 people losing their lives and more than ten times of that number being homeless (Jentleson). There has been no solid endeavor from the United States to bring a halt to the veracious atrocities that are being committed there. The intervention of powerful nations can save lives in distressed countries and prevent grave human right violations. The sheer economic and military dominance of nations like the United States can help affected countries and mould them to agree to a peaceful solution. Through the intervention of United States in Darfur, the impact and pressure on the government to abide by the repeated calls for peace would be much more than the pressure that would have been put by other countries and organizations. Until very recently, the United States has shown little interest in the conflict in Darfur. In 2005, the Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice visited Darfur to meet with refugees to try to 1
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get a better understanding of the prevailing situation there. During 2006, President Bush also appointed a special envoy to Sudan to help expedite the process of bringing peace in Darfur (U.S Department of State-Bureau of Public Affairs). Due to the Sudanese government’s failure to respond despite repeated calls by President Bush to implement the Darfur Peace agreement signed in 2006, tough economics sanctions have recently been imposed (Fact
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WRITING 140 ASSIGNMENT THREE - Alzheimer the United States...

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