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UNCLE SAM UNLEASHING THE WHIP ON TERRORISTS Current events all across the world are changing the international political scenario at a stunning pace. The United States being the mighty super power plays a key role on the events taking place on the world stage affecting various countries, with its superior influence and dominance. Many countries in the world today prefer not to confront or question the influence of the actions of the United States in the world political arena even though they might adversely affect some countries. Today, Most things globally are interlinked and interlocked which would mean that any action by the United States would have a profound impact on other countries of the world both economically and politically. The events after Sept 11 th , 2001 have completely transformed the world picture as the might of the super power was shaken, and since then countries all over are waging a global war against terrorism, fueled by the United States. This has had a devastating impact on countries not only in the region where the war is being fought but also on the foreign and economic policies of other less affiliated countries as well. Although with the gradual emergence of Asian giants like India and China, the sheer dominance of the United States has been reduced, it still continues to lead events and decisions taking place. The images portray the supreme leadership of the United States of events taking place in the world today with the ability to do whatever it wants without much questioning and the continuous never ending menace faced by it of terrorism, with a relentless desire to root it out completely. Image one shows an old aged man who is looking extremely ferocious and is dressed in clothes of the American flag thereby symbolizing his sheer patriotism for the
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country. He has the extremely evil look on his face symbolizing that he would vehemently crush anyone who stands against him or questions his authority. At the bottom left is the small symbol, there by giving it the signature that it is the official poster of the United States army. The furious looking old man is holding a wrench in his hand
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