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WRITING 140 ASSIGNMENT FIVE - The United States and its...

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The United States and its allies: Is it a Love or Hate Relationship The world today is heading towards an inevitable turmoil and conflict of interests with the dominance and supremacy of the United States being challenged by the rising strength of Asian giants like China and India. However, it remains without doubt that in major issues facing the world today like globalization, eradication of poverty and conflicts in Kashmir and Palestine, the United States remains in a position of power to resolve them, which in most cases would be a solution that would be benefiting itself in one way or the other. The sheer dominance of the United States in the global arena due to its economic and military strength allows it to direct many developing countries in a way that it is to its own advantage. With it either being in return for a favor the other country had rendered to the United States in the past or the United States might be having some of its own national interest in that country whether it be economically or for some other reason. With forums like the United Nations existing, they try their utmost to regulate affairs of the world today, with the need for any major action on the world stage to be debated and sanctioned by it. The United States usually tries to align and mould the affairs of the world today in a way that would benefit it, an evident example of which is fighting terrorism that serves U.S national interest, regardless of the fact that it would be in the interest of the other countries involved, thereby leading to an unjust and inequitable execution of world affairs. The events that followed after Sept 11 th , were clear examples that other nations also joined in, in the war against terrorism even though they themselves had not been attacked by terrorists nor did the terrorists have anything against them until they were
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also riding the same battleship as the United States. The countries had many of their internal problems facing them, which then took a backseat, and the War against Terror took the forefront on their agenda. An example of this can be Pakistan that had no affiliation with the terrorist organizations nor was it involved in any way but it was just a neighboring country to Afghanistan that was a “safe haven” for terrorists. The strategic
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WRITING 140 ASSIGNMENT FIVE - The United States and its...

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