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FIRMS, GLOBALIZATION AND THE EXOTIC INDIAN FLAVOR Globalization is rampant all over the world today, with developed countries outsourcing their products and services to the developing countries, thereby striving to cut costs as much as possible. There are mixed views for globalization the world over with some people being adamant that it is more of a menace than it is a benefit as there are significant job losses due to it in developed countries. It is a measure that has been of tremendous advantage to the developing countries with huge amounts of investment being done there, their labor force being trained in line with international standards and a large number of new employment opportunities being created. However, it has lead to an increased dependence of the West on Asian giants like China and India for the skill and efficiency of their labor force. Over the last few years, globalization is taking place with tremendous velocity in India, with its IT capital Bangalore becoming renowned as the hub for various multinationals from the United States. With a vibrant economy that is booming, an important strategic location to cater to the expanding market in the Middle East and Central Asia and a dedicated low cost labor force which gives a competitive advantage than operating in other countries keeping in view the cut throat environment today for low costs, India offers an ideal setup and location for firms like Cisco Systems to spread and relocate part of the basis of their operations, also boosted by China’s language limitations and India’s English language advantage. Cisco had initially launched its operations in India in 1995 and since then they expanded enormously with a plan to make an investment of $1.1 billion in 2005 and increasing the
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strength of their workers in the next three years by threefold. Driven by the innovation of the market in India and “world-class partners that already have global capabilities” Cisco is making strides in the South Asian market that is blossoming. It is backed by partners like Wipro and Satyam, which help it in its operations and consultancy in India. Cisco
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