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Justin Weisman Professor Dalton Theology 1000C May 5, 2008 Final Response Paper (Ch.9 -10) This paper is on Chapter 9, “Two Milestones on Jesus’ Way: Peter’s Confession and the Transfiguration,” and Chapter 10, “Jesus Declares His Identity.” Chapter 9 is fairly short and covers Peter’s confession to Jesus on how he has betrayed him and transfiguration (when the bread becomes the body and the wine becomes the blood at the Last Supper). Chapter 10 was a hair longer and, I felt, an inadequate ending. It dealt with the names Jesus went by, among these are “Son of Man,’ “The Son,” “I Am,” “I Am He,” along with a few other more common names. Chapter 9 I liked better than chapter 10 because there was much less lecture and more opinion, things to stir my thoughts. A paragraph that drew my attention was where it is said “His inquiry about the opinion of the people and the conviction of the disciples presupposes two things.” It then describes that what some people, the majority generally, know about Jesus is actually little or inadequate at that. It is not “the whole truth” per say. Also, there is a “deeper knowledge” of Jesus and it is associated with discipleship. According to the dictionary a disciple is “one who accepts and assists in spreading the doctrines of another.” Obviously the original 12 Disciples of Christ fit this but what about the common people? If we were to interpret this word for word the only people that would be considered disciples are priests, bishops, the pope and other clergymen. That 1
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means that these are the only people in the know about Jesus and can fully understand the message God tries to deliver to us through him. I am not comfortable with that and I
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teho final response - 1 Justin Weisman Professor Dalton...

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